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Sports betting options and features you may not have known about

Sports betting options and features you may not have known about

The lion’s share of gamblers bet spontaneously, emotionally and without much expectation of winning. And even some basic tips from leading experts will allow even inexperienced beginners to get solid winnings from their sports betting much more often. And today we will talk about the so-called live betting, as well as some peculiarities of betting on tennis, soccer, basketball and boxing.


LIVE betting is the opportunity to bet in real time. We watch what is happening on the field and decide. Of course, the bookmaker’s office also tracks the meeting and accordingly changes the odds. You can easily find an example of such bets, similar live bets are practiced for tennis, soccer, American soccer, hockey, basketball and many other sports. We will talk about each of these sports and the peculiarities of betting in them in this article a little later.

When betting on live sports, it is advisable to choose a bookmaker that offers live betting with changing bets. For example, a few years ago, when Barcelona lost in Paris to local team PSG 0:4, few people believed on the passage of the Catalans to the next stage of the UEFA Champions League after the return match. Live bets on Barça’s passage to the next round reached simply fantastic odds. And the final score of the return match 6:1 in favor of Barcelona brought some betting fans small fortunes!

So, if we work with a betting office with live events, we have a complete picture of what is happening on the field. Live betting also has better odds than pre-match betting and, above all, gives us more freedom and more room to maneuver. A big plus is also quick betting.

The downside, of course, is our human emotions. When we place a bet before a match, we may get nervous about the result of the match, but we can no longer interfere thereafter. In the case of live betting, we see that something goes wrong and we change our attitude to what is happening in live betting. After all, after a while we change our mind and we have a great opportunity to correct the bet. When betting live, self-control is what matters most for success and winning.

What are the most popular live bets? There are a whole bunch of them. Which team will score first, will the sets in the match be even or odd, how many corner kicks will be taken? In this case, it is best to bet lower/higher.


Soccer is by far the most popular sport for betting in the world. The choice of bets here is huge, ranging from betting 1X2, above / below or Asian handicaps and ending with points scored or the number of corners or fouls of this or that team. In practice, the most important thing when betting on soccer is the current form of the teams and the place to play (home / away). Especially the latter factor is often neglected by novice sports betting enthusiasts. Even with matches against the leaders, the home team has a better chance. Also check what matches have been played. Derby, national cup matches, championships – they all have their own rules.

Before betting, it is worth checking what results the team got in their last 5 matches at their own stadium and how they played away. Injuries and other absences are also important here. The absence of one or two important players can have a huge impact on the final result. Changing coaches, team fights, or even the weather are also very important.

Also think about how you play. Two attacking teams will play differently than two defensive teams. These matches should be made out on lower / higher bets. Betting on soccer matches is very popular. The first few minutes on the field sometimes give prospects for further play.

When filling out a series of bids, focus on one league in which you are the best. Betting on leagues you know nothing about will definitely not get you golden in the long run. We know the courses are tempting, but don’t look at them blindly. That’s the rule for all sports!


In the case of the sport of tennis, in addition to the player’s form, of course, the surface on which the match is played is of great importance. Every player has his favorite and “hated” surfaces, on which athletes play much worse. This is an element that should be included in the analysis before the betting company.

It is also worth paying attention to player characteristics, because often when you meet two excellent and smart players, we can expect tie-breaks and no breaks, which can lead to finding favorable bets, such as total number of games or set without breaks. Such events often have pretty high odds.

On the one hand, tennis is less unpredictable; on the other hand, the classification leader can lose to a tertiary player. Be sure to check the tennis players’ form. They are more prone to fatigue and injury than soccer players. After all, there are 11 people playing soccer and replacements are available! This also applies to matches in a tournament like the Davis Cup. Tennis players can play very differently against different opponents. Of course, those who had an easier match or more time off have a better chance.


Basketball betting is actually very similar to soccer betting, with the important difference that fatigue is especially important in the NBA. Players can play up to two games in a row or 3 games in 4 days, often traveling thousands of miles between American cities. Such fatigue is important for the physical condition of players, and therefore for the entire team. In the case of basketball, it is also worth looking at the style of play of the team, when two teams that like a fast game meet each other, the result can be very high. When the action lasts a few seconds, the possession of the ball in an active attack is much longer for each team, which automatically leads to more points.

Thus, it is not uncommon in the NBA for both teams to score more than 100 points!


A lot of fans of betting on car racing. Every bookmaker, who wants to beat the maximum number of players, should have bets on the same speedway or Formula 1.

It is certainly one of the most unpredictable sports. The rules are very simple, but because of that it is increasingly difficult to predict the winning team or the best player of the match. It is true that the home team still has an advantage on the track because they know everything about the track surface. However, general requirements have forced the alignment of the tracks, which should be safe for all competitors in the long run. The same is true for the equipment. Currently, the car is not as important. Next is the players themselves. Their form can change 180 degrees from season to season. Of course, the big names should not disappoint, and in the race they usually score the maximum number of points.

Bookmakers usually offer a bet on the win and on the amount of points scored by the player.


The most popular boxing bets are 1 × 2, that is, to win or draw. But players more often choose higher / lower bets, because with these bets they can earn more. Bookmakers usually offer a bet on the number of rounds above or below, and they choose the level, for example, below 5.5 or above 5.5. If you find a bet on the number of rounds where you set the limit yourself (e.g. below 5.5, above 5.5, below 6.5, above 6.5, etc.), not only will you have more choices, but also a higher bet if you win.

What do you need to know before betting on a boxing fight? First of all, the fact that bookmakers use high margins on boxing bets. Just like in tennis – if a top-ranked player plays a tennis player ranked 20th, his win is more than likely. In boxing, we have, for example, a great top fighter and an average boxer. It’s hard to bet on the latter to win. Another thing is when the match or fight is at a high level. The final of a tennis tournament or a world championship fight is not easy to predict, although there are still surprises. Unfortunately, the odds are also falling. Be warned in advance that big-name boxing fights are not very lucrative. Well, unless you are undecided on a special bet.

In that case, you can bet on whether the boxer wins early (knockout) or on points. In this case, the statistics are important, from which you will know what the previous matches of both athletes looked like, whether someone often wins by knockout, whether they have injuries, etc.