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How do I understand a new sport for betting?

How do I understand a new sport for betting?

Sometimes a novice or experienced bettor is tempted to broaden their options and explore a new sport to bet on at the betting shop. A bettor may become disillusioned with football or hockey and switch to an individual sport such as tennis. What to do in such a situation and where to start exploring a new direction are the answers in our instructions.

Learning the rules

As an example, let’s imagine that tennis has been taken for a game at BK, the knowledge of which is limited to randomly watching a few matches on TV.

To begin with, it is necessary to understand the rules of the chosen sport. In tennis it is:

  • What a match consists of: sets – games – points;
  • How points are awarded and the winner is determined;
  • Types of tournaments, their features and differences;
  • Types of coverages and their influence on the match;

Popular tennis strategies such as going under the net, wearing your opponent out with corner kicks, short kicks, etc.
In addition, it is necessary to study the rules of betting at the betting shop within the framework of the chosen sport.

Viewing matches

Understanding the psychology and peculiarities of the sport can be helped by watching the games. You can do it the old fashioned way, by watching TV and sports channels. But it is better to pay attention to the video broadcasting of the BK.

Sports channels usually only show the highest rated tournaments and matches to keep the interest of a wider audience. Bookmakers have a different task. They realise that many of their customers prefer to bet on low rated events. Many users choose low-rated sports (table tennis, water polo). Not only can you attract the attention of such bettors with high odds, but also with the opportunity to watch the matches.

All licensed bookmakers provide video streaming of a huge number of sporting events.

Search for statistical services

To analyse matches you should look for useful sites. Experienced bettors may find more than a dozen of them in their browser saves. Many useful sources of information are explained in detail in the “For Beginners” section of our project.

There are several services within tennis:

The three presented resources will be enough for a qualitative analysis of a tennis match or tournament.

Explore the leaders

In every sport there are ranked players. In the case of football, the top-ranked forwards of the top clubs are in everyone’s ears. In tennis it’s the world leaders. We have told you how to bet on matches involving Rafa Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Victoria Azarenka and others.

Betting companies offer betting on individual players in many sports. Knowing their features, it is possible to choose a promising betting option.

Drawing a strategy

After learning the basics of the chosen sport, and how to bet on it correctly, you need to move on to developing strategies.

Many bettors study already existing theories and adjust them to themselves, and there is nothing wrong with that in principle.

Finding a betting company

It is only with experience that many come to realise that choosing a betting provider is one of the most important steps to playing successful sports betting. Even after developing a really profitable theory but registering with an unsuitable betting company, it is possible to lose.

For example, a user decides to bet on tennis statistics. He picked a working strategy, tested it and got a positive result. Then he chose the first bookmaker company he liked, registered an account with it and started betting. Later it turned out that the bookmaker offered a weak statistical betting coverage. It is limited to double faults, in which you can bet on a small number of totals. And the margin exceeds 12%. With such conditions, even a tough professional will have trouble showing a plus over the distance.

If you choose to play tennis statistics, you need to study what each licensed bookmaker offers within it:

Types of statistical betting types and their spreads;
Which tournaments are offered to play on statistics: only ranked tournaments or many others;

  • The level of odds;
  • The winning limits.


If you are in a hurry to start betting on a new sport, you should bear in mind that it is impossible to get into the nitty-gritty of a little-known category in a couple of days. It may take several months. Hurrying is more likely to lead to loss of your deposit.