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Betting on eSports in pre-match and in-play – which is better?

Betting on eSports in pre-match and in-play - which is better?

Cybersport is a new trend in the betting world that is rapidly gaining popularity. But not all bettors are well-versed in its particularities, understanding the rules and patterns of each individual discipline. Another tricky question is when it is best to bet on Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and other games. Some bookmaker users rely entirely on pre-match betting, while others bet exclusively in live betting. It is therefore advisable to compare the two options, and draw conclusions about the appropriateness of their choice.

Prematch and Live – where is it best to bet on eSports?

First, let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both options, and then compare them with each other.


In the pre-match format there is indeed more time to analyse the upcoming matches. The truth is that most of the options are available after the matches have started. The prematch offers high odds especially for head-to-head games. But this format does not offer much variation.

Most bookmakers offer a huge number of markets in the pre-match. There you can always find the outcome, odds, totals, as well as the same options for each individual card. Moreover, depending on the discipline, a lot of additional bets are offered (roshan kills, pistol rounds), which cannot be found in live betting.

In the pre-match, you only have to rely on the players’ stats websites and social networks. There you can get the most important facts about preparations and important life events. In pre-match, it is not possible to back your bet. Finding a forfeit is almost impossible, and corridors are not the most reliable way to play. In the pre-match, it is difficult to find any aspects that might interfere with the analysis. There you can rely solely on statistical facts, there are virtually no sudden events.

In the pre-match there is no need to rush. It is perfectly safe to analyze options, add them to the basket, and take extra time to think. Therefore, if you don’t want to rush off and chase the odds, this is the format to choose.


In the live format there is a great opportunity to choose your bet depending on the events taking place. Of particular importance are the stages of the draft, the selection of cards to be played. Also, in-game events can change the bettor’s choices completely.

The live format gives several interesting options for finding high odds. For instance, it is possible to wager a willing victory for the favourite, when the odds on it will grow considerably. Or, on the contrary, under unforeseeable circumstances (player’s injury, ill-health) you can take a chance and bet on the high odds of the outsider’s triumph. In this case the markets are considerably cut down. In fact, only the outcome, the duration of the card and the odds are left (but this is more of a lottery). Therefore there is not much room to play in the live format.

In the live format there are a huge number of sources of information that are definitely worth using. Apart from social media and statistical resources, you should feel free to use the live broadcast as well as the in-game client. There, you can watch the game and also analyse the charts, which show the superiority of one team or another.

In play, you can always play the odds. This is especially nice when the initiative is constantly changing from one team to the other. In such a situation, you can ensure yourself an ironclad profit.

As eSports is an incredibly fast-paced sport, some bets have to be placed almost instantaneously. And sometimes what happens can mislead the player. For example, if an outsider, albeit in one wicket, wins one fight, you shouldn’t run to pick up a win on the card just for him. There are many more distractions in play (from taking away Roshan to temporarily reducing opponents’ activity).

The dynamism of cyber sports also affects the approach of betting shops. If you follow closely, in Dota 2 the markets close at every fight (and they can happen as often as possible), while in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive they close during rounds. There isn’t much time in between to both analyse the situation and place a bet.


Both formats have their advantages and disadvantages. That is why bettors should combine them, depending on the situation.

If a user wants to wager on handicaps or totals, it is a good idea to do so before the event.

And in the live format it is better to catch the odds on the winner of the series, as well as the individual events, such as the time in which the card will be completed

A combined approach to eSports betting will be the most profitable.