You Could Learn A New Language In A Third Of The Time Spent Watching TV Each Year

New research from entertainment experts PlayUSA finds the top time wasters for the American public – and what they could do with the time instead.

  • The average American spends a stunning 1470.6 hours a year watching television – the equivalent of more than 61 days
  • You can now find out how little you’d have to give up of your music, video game, social media, and television time to achieve major life goals

If you’ve ever said to yourself that you would tackle a major project if you just had the time, there’s good news – you do – if you’re prepared to give up a little relaxation.

A new study from PlayUSA looks at how America spends its free time, and what could be done with the same hours, including travel and learning skills.

Fluent in Idling

With the average American spending over 1470 hours a year watching television, 2041 listening to music, just under 87 on video games, and 382 on social media, there’s a total of 3981 hours’ or 166 days’ worth of time that could be diverted to other pursuits.

Potential options include:

  • Learning a language – if you reduced your television watching time by a third each year, you could gain basic fluency in one of the easier languages (like French, German, Italian, or Spanish) in your freed up time.
  • Trekking the Inca Trail – if you gave up a quarter of the time given over to social media each year, you could use the time to follow the entire Inca Trail.
  • Learning to code – one of the more time-consuming activities on the list, a basic understanding of coding could still be accomplished by swapping 75% of your annual time listening to music to working on your programming.
  • Climbing Everest – Climbing Everest takes only slightly less time than the 1471 hours the average American spends watching television each year. You could still watch a six-minute video at the top of the mountain with the leftover time.
  • Learning to Drive – The hours the average American spends playing video games each year could instead provide enough time to learn to drive – and still have enough time left over to learn to swim.
  • Learning to Ski – Give up only 1% of your time spent watching TV, and you could gain a basic proficiency in skiing – with plenty of time left over to hit the slopes!
  • Learning to Swim – This skill can save lives, but in research from the Red Cross, only 56% of Americans can actually swim. With only 5% of the time spent on social media each year, you make sure you nail the five core skills.

For more information on how America likes to spend its free time – across Netflix, socialising, shopping, and more – see the full study on the PlayUSA website here.