Book Shares Inspirational Stories Of Christian Entrepreneurs Working Toward A Greater Purpose

Jeff Holler

In a society where workforces—especially executives—are encouraged to keep their professional lives and spiritual lives separate, Jeff Holler’s Bigger Than Business: Real-World Stories of Business Owners Living Their Purpose is a thought-provoking testimonial to the power of a faith-driven existence—even in the boardroom.

Bigger Than Business shares transparent, true-life stories of Christian entrepreneurs living out their God-created purposes in their unique business settings. Between the covers of Bigger Than Business, readers will meet eight faithful business owners from six continents who share their remarkable stories, including:

•    A US couple who rose above a personal tragedy and through their business set a transformative example for all;
•    An inspiring Australian business owner who, with God’s help, transformed a business capable of serving one individual at a time into one poised to serve hundreds of thousands around the globe;
•    A Brazilian with a Japanese heritage who was fired by his own family, yet returned to help build and continue the family business; and
•    An amazing woman who barely survived the genocide in Rwanda and who now heals broken hearts through her small sewing cooperative.

At the end of each chapter are insightful questions to help readers understand ways in which they can live their God-given purposes in and through their own businesses. Bigger Than Business gives readers the know-how and the confidence to pursue what they value and to commit more passionately to pursuing a greater purpose.

Author Jeff Holler is a speaker and founder of The Capital Chart Room LTD, serving some of the most respected and successful entrepreneurs in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. A certified financial planner, Jeff holds a bachelor’s degree in business from Florida State University. He leads an adult Bible study class, and he and his wife, Charlsey, commit their time, talent, gifts and service to several ministries. They have two wonderful daughters with precious families of their own. Jeff and Charlsey live in Fort Worth, Texas.

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Bigger Than Business: Real-World Stories of Business Owners Living Their Purpose
High Bridge Books
Released: May 2018
ISBN-10: 194661517X
ISBN-13: 978-1946615176
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