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Sports Betting covering Niche Sports – Golf, MMA, Cricket

Sports Betting covering Niche Sports - Golf, MMA, Cricket

Mainstream sports like football, basketball, tennis and horse racing dominate sports betting action. However, bookmakers also offer wagering markets on many more niche sporting events and competitions which present unique handicapping and profit opportunities.

In this guide, I’ll showcase some of the most popular and lucrative niche sports worth exploring as a bettor including golf, MMA, cricket, motorsports, and rugby.

Golf Betting

Golf sees extensive betting thanks to the wide range of tournaments on the PGA and European Tours attracting all the top global talent throughout the year.

Main markets are on outright tournament winner, individual matchups, top nationalities, and stage props like making/missing cuts and hole-in-one odds. Study course conditions, current form, and scoring average.

MMA Betting

The rise of mixed martial arts promotions like UFC provides year-round matchups to wager on. Fights often have very tight odds reflecting the 1v1 dynamic.

Bet on the outright winner, method of victory, exact round, distance handicaps, and props like over/under strikes landed based on fighter styles and conditioning.

Cricket Betting

The mass popularity of cricket in South Asia, UK and Australasia translates into robust betting engagement during international tournaments like the Ashes, World Cups and Indian Premier League season.

Key markets include match winner, correct score, batting partnerships, highest opening stands, top bowlers by wickets, and total sixes. Understand team strengths, player forms and pitch conditions.

Motor Racing Betting

Formula 1 and MotoGP attract lots of betting activity during the racing season thanks to star power. Wagers focus on outright championship and individual Grands Prix winner with propositions like podium finishers, fastest lap, and safety car emergence.

Rugby Betting

Rugby union and league see betting spike around international competitions like the Rugby World Cup and Six Nations. Outright tournament winner, head-to-head fixtures, handicaps and first points scorer are popular markets.